Job Opening


Reports to:  President

Position Summary

The Director of Donor Engagement is responsible for maximizing giving growth through a concerted effort to establish and nurture meaningful relationships with all donors, key influencers and stakeholders in order to retain our current donor base and develop new business and donor relationships. This position will be responsible for creating and executing short and long term plans to realize substantial revenue growth through acknowledgement of all gifts and opportunities for donor interactions.

Key Position Responsibilities and Core Competencies

Thank donors and manage donor relationships: Direct responsibility for building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with key individuals through a system of thoughtful interactions and engagements. Work effectively with other functions at United Way to be able to provide appropriate support and value to donors. Engages customers to improve their experience with the UWNEMS brand. Leverage relationships to create additional opportunities with other
organizations and individuals. This position will be accountable to create and complete correspondence thanking donors and acknowledging all gifts. Shows appreciation to others for effective performance, significant achievements, and special contributions; Develops contacts with people who are a source of information and support, and maintains contacts through periodic visits, telephone calls, correspondence, and attendance at meetings and social events. Director may assist the President as needed with face-to-face meetings with leadership donors and prospects in order to expand United Way influence.

Manage and develop volunteer leadership across a variety of settings:

     a.) Connect companies and individuals with United Way: Develop, motivate and manage a key group of volunteers to assist in the accomplishment of your               work. Foster creative thinking and facilitate future partnerships within the corporate accounts. Connect volunteers to the Community Impact and                         Coalition work to increase financial support of United Way.

     b.) Engage with and inspire volunteer groups: Find opportunities to connect UWNEMS volunteer groups such as Groundswell, Leadership, and Women                       United to the Community Impact and Coalition work of our United Way. Assist the President with events, correspondence and engagements related to                 Leadership and Women United. Assist the Communications Director, as needed, with Groundswell events.

     c.) Manage and inspire volunteers among individuals and within company campaign groups: Develop a deeper understanding within the community around             how traditional fundraising activities such as workforce campaign and individual giving are connected to the work of our coalitions, our community                     impact areas, and our partner agencies. Create opportunities to inspire Employee Campaign Coordinators and the broader community to a greater                       generosity of time, influence and money. Connect ECCs to the valuable role they play in creating Community Impact through successful workforce                       campaigns, year-round communication, increased volunteerism, and advocacy.

Organize engagement responsibilities efficiently and effectively: Maintain accurate and detailed donor and account records in Andar and other systems in order to analyze the effectiveness of the plan against delivering objectives. Continually work to keep updated contact information for donors. Demonstrates excellent verbal and written skills; utilizes various styles to get ideas across; Demonstrates ability to implement action plans within a timely manner to meet deadlines and to accomplish tasks; Manages time wisely in order to achieve the desired results; Has a strong work ethic; Is able to maintain a fast pace while staying focused in stressful situations; Focuses on results and can effectively communicate goals and impact; Sets and maintains high performance standards for self and others that support the organization’s strategic plan; Shows passion for improving the delivery of services with a commitment to continuous improvement.

Acts with Accountability as a Brand Steward: Understands and embraces their accountability to goals, outcomes and the overall mission of UWNEMS; Has the ability to organize and prioritize the workload while maintaining focus and staying on track, Establishes and implements an efficient course of action, understands what’s necessary to get things done, uses resources optimally, balances the workload when involved in multiple projects and establishes appropriate deadlines; Takes responsibility for the use and protection of all resources in his/her control; ensures that the use of resources aligns with the mission of UWNEMS as well as with customer expectations; Acts with integrity and strong ethics to foster trust at all levels; Fosters and supports the principles and values of the organization; Is a positive and motivational brand ambassador.

Position Expectations

  1. Focuses on results and can effectively communicate goals and impact: Sets and maintains high performance standards for self and others that support the organization’s strategic plan.
  2. Links donor, volunteer, and advocates’ aspiration to needs: Communicates effectively and with passion “the story” of the organization’s work to engage and energize donors, volunteers, advocates and all other constituents
    in the community.
  3. Develops relationships to drive resources and results: Recognizes and capitalizes on opportunities to
    capture, grow and attain funding and other resources that advance United Way’s mission. Shows passion for
    improving the delivery of services with a commitment to continuous improvement.
  4. Acts with integrity and strong ethics to foster trust at all levels: Fosters and supports the principles and
    values of the organization.
  5. Effectively communicates: Knows and can successfully articulate the organization’s mission, vision and values
    to other stakeholders and collaborators.
  6. Understands Donors: Engages and participates in fundraising efforts and initiatives; Volunteers and actively
    participates in projects, special events, cross-functional teams or workgroups that support the work of the entire
  7. Connects Donors with Products: Understands and crafts written content for inclusion in proposals to donors
    that articulates the investment opportunity for the donor and the outcome the donor’s investment will achieve –
    social ROI; Works to create investment opportunities and/or products.
  8. Engages with and Thanks Donors: Participates in donor engagement by interacting with donors through an
    ongoing campaign of correspondence, outreach and personal visits; Provides return on investment information for
    donors that is clearly articulated and succinct.
  9. Focuses on Donors: Works to identify and understand donor benefits of specific community impact solutions;
    helps campaign staff understand requirements of specific community impact solutions so they can provide
    better/more accurate information to donors.

Position Requirements

  1. BA degree and/or 5+ years of equivalent years of educational and communications experience in either for profit or non-profit entities;
  2. Focused education and communications experience with an applied emphasis on customer relationship building;
    significant applied consulting sales skills; demonstrated success with effective listening skills
  3. Documented capacity to develop and play a leadership role in strategic partnerships with a broad range of
    working relationships with opinion leaders/change-makers across community, philanthropic, business and
    government sectors
  4. Effective oral and written communications skills with an ability to relate with a diverse group of individuals or
    organizations in an effective manner;
  5. Ability to think strategically with proven, strong ability to execute on plan;
  6. Ability to take initiative and be creative in thinking and solutions;
  7. Intermediate to advanced computer skills, knowledge of electronic communications and social media strategies
  8. Represent UWNEMS positively, professionally, courteously and effectively; Demonstrated ability to work with
    diverse interests and communities; energetic and engaging personality, enjoy working with people in different
    settings; donor and community focused.
  9. Assists or takes on new tasks to help UWNEMS achieve its mission; Willingness to learn; Willing to work nights,
    weekends or early hours when necessary
  10. Adheres to the ethical standards described in the UWNEMS Code of Ethics; Maintains confidentiality regarding
    personnel and organizational information.